Sunday, August 8, 2010

Week 6: Spirituality

August 8 dip

left: Kerstin, right: Lis


  1. love how the shapes on the right mirror the balloon. beautiful colours too. what is that on the right, Lis? dreamy pic of that balloon - perfect little splash of red to complement the vast expanse of blue! xx

  2. the image on the right is a close up of a Tibetan Sand Mandala painting. A group of monks comes every other year and builds one ... then they have a ceremony destroying it and placing the sand in the river. it is said just to gaze upon it bestows blessings ....

  3. very dreamy. i imagine all the blessings floating around in the universe. the painting is very similar to the Navajo/Dine sandpaintings which are also destroyed after the ceremony is performed.

  4. Peaceful and dreamy. A happy dream.
    Beautiful colours.

  5. i would love to see the monks creating sand mandala and Navajo/Dine sandpaintings... amazing!
    I've just learned that dying children associate helium balloon floating in the air with the soul...

    so spirituality it is...

    ah! and I love the busyness of mandala versus simplicity of the floating balloon :)