Friday, August 6, 2010

Week 4: Night & Day.

Left: Barbara, Right: Jana.

Sorry for our lateness, we are quite busy right now,
thinking of taking it bi-weekly for a while...


  1. oh I love this theme! brilliant idea!

    of course I'm always looking forward to your beautiful dips but bi-weekly is perfectly fine.

  2. awww, bi-weekly?! how is someone as impatient as me supposed to wait that long for your lovely pics? :-) that is one of the prettiest street lamps I've ever seen. and as for that pier and beautiful light... I'm dreaming of holidays now! xx

  3. makes me think of holidays, too, can't wait. lovely dip!

  4. nice contrast :) hope you are both loving your busy days. i know barb is on holiday so continue to snap pictures and enjoy and jana can't wait to see what your eye captures next. in the meantime, ENJOY!

  5. Nothing to be sorry for! Just me and the rest who just have to wait a wee bit longer for you beautiful dips!

  6. lovely... makes me dream about traveling...

    I hope you both are happy - busy :)