Sunday, July 25, 2010

Week Three: An afternoon on the Water!
A Day on the Water

Top: Amisha, Bottom: Carole

Amisha's shot captured the MIT sailboat on Boston's Charles River and Carole snapped one of the dragonboats at Sloan's Lake, Denver, Colorado.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

week three: summer


left: Kerstin; right: Lis

(I have to comment: when Kerstin sent me her picture for this week, my first thought was "damn! I was going to shoot those yellow flowers!" How perfect, right? I had yellow on the brain. But a morning walk in heavy fog revealed dozens of spiderwebs in the trees. And now I see the poetry behind our intuitive offerings.Lis)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week One: Coast to Coast!

Coast to Coast

In the east, Amisha and in the West, Carole

From coast to coast, America's landscape is diverse and like the rest of the world, breathtakingly beautiful. Geographically this diptych takes us from Amisha's home and travels in the New England area, this picture from Acadia in Maine to the doorway of the Rocky Mountain West in Boulder, Colorado just outside Carole's Denver home. The skies are limitless and the views expansive!

Week One: Nature's Gems

Nature's Gems

Left: Amisha, Right: Carole

This composition meshes Amisha's (Gorgeous Fun) and Carole's (Daizyheadmaisie) sense of the small hidden gems of summer nature by focusing our lenses on the tiny, unexpected moments that sometimes go unnoticed. On the left, Amisha snapped a brilliant yellow flower growing against granite rock and on the right, Carole caught a dragonfly as she touched down on the tip of a yucca plant in the hills of Boulder, Colorado. Amisha's shot was taken in the northeast part of the country.