Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week One: Nature's Gems

Nature's Gems

Left: Amisha, Right: Carole

This composition meshes Amisha's (Gorgeous Fun) and Carole's (Daizyheadmaisie) sense of the small hidden gems of summer nature by focusing our lenses on the tiny, unexpected moments that sometimes go unnoticed. On the left, Amisha snapped a brilliant yellow flower growing against granite rock and on the right, Carole caught a dragonfly as she touched down on the tip of a yucca plant in the hills of Boulder, Colorado. Amisha's shot was taken in the northeast part of the country.


  1. Love the theme of this dip and reading about it!

  2. i love the simplicity of these images

  3. Amazing! Love the focus on the hidden gems! I noticed a yellow flower on a wall the other day - it was so pretty and yet, I realised that it must have been there for some time and I walk straight past it, oblivious, every day! The dragonfly shot is amazing. xx

  4. yes, i agree with the others, the focus and then the contrasting backgrounds really make this dip sing.

  5. they really look like gems!

    the yellow flower looks little shy ;) and the dragonfly is hiding. I'm glad that you spotted both!