Monday, July 19, 2010

week three: nature's textures

Unravelling Together 3/52

left: tina, right: fi


  1. this textures are so amazing..i love them!!!
    fi what is your photo? it is very intriguing!!!

  2. alright. these recent posts are brilliant. another great pairing, the immensity of the ocean and the dainty intricacy of perhaps a dragonfly's wing? fi what is that? agree with barb that the textures and contrasts - wow, wow, wow.

  3. i love how this week's theme - Nature's textures - has just emerged! It is like we all are dancing and warming up to our partner's moves ...

    yes, what IS that Fi?

  4. this does look amazing, love it! is it from an insect? how did you get that close up? do tell! :-)

  5. hee! :-) it's a close-up of dragonfly wings. my husband found a HUGE one, dead on our lawn. just like that. no damage to it, it just came to the end of its days. I found it all a bit sad really. such a regal beast, so exquisite in its detail. I knew I had to share it this week.

    I love dragonflies. I've had a costume jewellery one on my inspiration board for ages. I always looked up at it and wished they'd done the wings in more detail. well, seeing the real thing close up, I can see why they didn't! you'd be there for weeks sticking on hundreds of tiny diamante! :-)))

    Lis, I was laughing when I saw your dip with Kerstin. I thought exactly the same thing! :-)


  6. very happy with how this one turned out! my favourite so far!

  7. Fi & Tina! Amazing! My favorite so far too.

    Fi, I thought maybe you had gone a little crazy and paper cut your way to an insect wing. Phew.

  8. Love the delicacy of the dragonfly's wings; I love them too! In many American Indian myths, dragonfly is the messenger between the various worlds. They are so intricate and so beautiful and against the gentle ocean waves, this dip is visually so pleasing to gaze at.

  9. at first i thought that this is a fishing web!

    and now I'm laughing, since i'm commenting late i know that Fi had gone a little crazy (nothing unusual ha, ha) and she did paper cut out the dragonfly's wing!!!

    great combo! s.

  10. Great choice for title-textures!
    I thought it was a close up of a leaf!!!