Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Unravelling 44 / 52

left: tina, right: fi


  1. Wowee, oh, wowee! Week after week, you two are posting some amazing photos. Love how your photos really show off your skill and your incredible vision/eyes. I can feel the velvety petals of the petunia (?) with it's rich, purple-black color with yellow detail and soft green leaves and then the rain/dewdrops on the spindly flower (it's like nature's Ferris wheel) is just so visually pleasing. I love the sweeping, feathery fans! The detail in both shots is so nice Fi and Tina.

  2. Wow, that's wonderful! What are the names of the flowers?

  3. Thanks, Carole and Mandy!

    I'm pretty sure Carole's right, that's a petunia on the left.. although I've never seen one as glamorous and velvety as that before! It's gorgeous, Tina!

    Carole, I thought your reference to a ferris wheel for the dandelion pic was wonderful! :-)

    Fi xx

  4. ah, SWEET petunia ... that is a family name of endearment and so appropriate for you two. And of course, you know how i feel about dandelions :) So this is a personal favorite (amongst all the favs you two put forth!)
    xo Lis