Friday, May 27, 2011


top:sylvia : : bottom:dana


  1. pancakes and berries, almost could be cupcakes the way this shot is composed. did you cross-process the light sylvia? they look yummy :) or is it a cupcake? the textured, grainy aspect of the mat add nice dimension to this photo too. and dana's cupcakes look like snowcapped mountains with chips on top! i like them in b&w which adds to the dimensionality of the countertop for subtle contrast.

  2. Carole,
    Mother`s Day pancakes made especially for me by my lovely husband : ) they were really yummy (he even made the cream by himself) & the crazy light comes from my iPhone application.

  3. oh, I thought they were cupcakes! I'm impressed with your hubby's cooking skills - he needs to meet mine and share some tips! ;-) I'm sitting here drooling at both of these pics. I could finish the lot off in one sitting, right now! :-) you go put the kettle on and I'll just sit here and look after the cakes for you... :-) fi xx