Thursday, May 5, 2011


left:sylvia : : right:dana


  1. The colors of the vintage lone rocking horse juxtaposed against the path doted with spring greens makes me think of the journey we begin when spring arrives. All our optimism, hopes and dreams are renewed by the longer days, sunshine, spring rains, and all nature's fauna that is alive and coaxing us to step out into the sun! Lovely ladies...

  2. This dip is gorgeous! I adore that lovely, old rocking hoss :-) I want a go, if it will take my weight! ha! And there is something so beautiful about the garden on the right. Although, the empty bench makes me feel a bit melancholy for some reason. I wonder who has sat on it and what they have thought about?! It's a beautiful spot, with the dappled sunlight and scattered petals. Fi xx