Sunday, March 13, 2011

into spring

march 13 dip

left: Lis; right: Kerstin


  1. Wow, Lis are these tulips that you've grown? They are gorgeous. I have the beginnings of spring bulb leaves sprouting in my yard. The pink color is incredible and is most welcome as we are all biting at the bit for spring to be here! And Kerstin, the mixed geometric patterns and colors on your table is delightful! This entire composition feels like it is going to march us all into spring. Thanks for the color ladies :)

  2. Oh Kerstin ... can I come over? Your table looks so inviting!

    No, I did not grow those amazing tulips ... i have a scraggly asparagus fern i could show you some time ... :)

  3. You can comer over any time Lis :-)

  4. Gorgeous! I love this dip! Especially, the different moods in both pics, yet both so feminine! Those tulips are divine and I ADORE those bowls on the table. Fi xx